Advantages and Disadvantages of White Kitchen Cabinets

White kitchen cabinets are timeless and always in until now. It is not a big surprise why white is so popular for kitchen cabinet for it radiates clean and hygiene. White color also gives the positive aura for the room not to mention that it enhances the room’s lighting and creates impression of bigger space. However, some people have different opinion and think that all white kitchen interior is dull and boring. Well, everyone to his or her own opinion.

Below here, we have listed some advantages and disadvantages of white kitchen cabinets for you.


1. It is timeless and applicable for lots of styles and colors.

White kitchen cabinet is timeless and applicable for many kitchen decoration styles. It will not have difficulty to blend into a kitchen with country, European, contemporary, or modern styles

White kitchen cabinets

White kitchen cabinets

Moreover, white also goes very well with all colors so that it is not difficult for you to match it with islands, kitchen appliances, or kitchen wall of any color. As your kitchen cabinets will be more likely are the things which will stay longest in your kitchen, it is very advantageous when they will go easy with various colors.

2. White makes room looks bigger, lighter, and clean.

White kitchen cabinets looks bigger

White kitchen cabinets looks bigger

White makes the impression of bright and spacious. Moreover, for a place where your meal is cooked and prepared, white is naturally being the first choice as it radiates cleanness and hygiene. It is easy to spot some dirt and you know quickly when something is dirty.


1. Cold, pale, and boring

Beside cleanness, white also gives the impression of cold, pale, and boring. Dynamic people may think this as a mood killer. However, surely there are always a way to mend it. Here are some ideas on how to light up your kitchen when you think your kitchen is too boring with only white color.

– Paint your kitchen wall with bold and daring color. It’s easier to repaint your kitchen wall than change or repaint your kitchen cabinets.
– Color can also be generated from lighting. Colorful bulbs will add accent hues to your kitchen cabinet.
– Install a contrasting color island in your kitchen. A contrasting island is a nice touch to balance with your white kitchen cabinets.

2. Difficult to clean

As white symbolizes cleanness, it also gives you extra work in keeping it clean. One small spot of dirt can be very noticeable on a white kitchen cabinet. Moreover, it will take extra effort to keep the original white color after some time.

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