Four Simple Ideas in Decorating Kitchen Cabinets

It is holiday season and you want every room in your house to show the merriness and joy that your family feels. One way to do this is by decorating your kitchen cabinets. That’s right. It is not only the above of your kitchen cabinets that can be decorated; your kitchen cabinets can be decorated to according the holiday season or just your common preference. Below here are some ideas on decorating kitchen cabinets in your home.

1. Patterned wrapping paper

Kitchen Cabinets Patterned Wrapping Paper

Kitchen Cabinets Patterned Wrapping Paper

The easiest and quickest way to decorate your kitchen cabinets is by applying patterned wrapping paper to your kitchen cabinet’s doors and interior. Choose a pattern that suits the holiday atmosphere and your preference. Do not forget to match the pattern and color of the wrapping paper to your overall kitchen theme. Then, cut the wrapping paper into the size of your kitchen cabinet doors or door’s windows. You can cover the back of your kitchen cabinet’s interior too.

2. Lace and ribbons

Lace Ribbons Decoration

Lace Ribbons Decoration

The idea is similar with the first tip. The difference is, you attach lace and ribbons on your kitchen cabinet doors. It can be vertical lines or horizontal. Place a ribbon to accentuate the lace and do not forget to match the colors between the two. You can have hues of the same color or experiment with contrasting colors.

3. Stencil and paint

Kitchen Cabinet Stencil Paint

Kitchen Cabinet Stencil Paint Kitchen Cabinet Stencil Paint

This may take more time and effort, but the result is also more satisfying. First, choose a stencil pattern that suits your preference. Remember that you will put this all over your kitchen cabinet doors so choose wisely. Second, take off your kitchen cabinet doors and bring them somewhere safe and comfortable for you to work on them.

Third, clean all the dirt from the doors’ surface since the paint won’t stick perfectly if the surface is not clean. You can use hot water and soft scrubber to clean the dirt. For difficult dirt, you can use ammonia. Fourth, tape the stencil onto the door and start painting. Lastly, leave the paint to dry overnight.

4. Remodeled doorknobs

Remodeled Kitchen Doorknobs

Remodeled Kitchen Doorknobs

Sometimes, less is more. The third idea for kitchen cabinet decoration is the simplest one. With plain doors, doorknobs are the only decoration to your kitchen cabinets. So, here’s what to do. Change the doorknobs of your kitchen cabinet with the more elaborate ones. Use contrasting colors and unique design. Moreover, you can put some small decoration on them to make them look prettier.

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