How to Decorate Above Kitchen Cabinets

For some people, decorating above their kitchen cabinets is unnecessary since their kitchen cabinets rise all the way up to the ceiling. However, that is not the case with most of us. Many people are still trying to find the best decoration ideas for their above cabinet. While there are so many resources can be found on the internet, it is still not easy to find one that accommodate your taste and is easy to be done at the same time.

Do not be discouraged. Here are some points to help you create your best above kitchen cabinet decoration.


Kitchen Cabinets Ideas

Kitchen Cabinets Ideas

You will need a theme to tie all of your decoration items together into one idea. Otherwise, they will all look misplaced and unorganized. Of course, you want a neat and clean impression for the place where you prepare meal for your family.

Having a theme also make your job simpler since now you know what to look for. The theme you choose does not have to be too elaborate. It can be simple theme like your favorite animals, fruits, or vegetables. For example, if you choose fish, decorate your above kitchen cabinet space with things that have fish theme in them.


Decorate Kitchen Cabinets

Decorate Kitchen Cabinets

Collection is always a good decoration. If you have a set of antique china dinner set, you can always display them above your kitchen cabinet. After all, it is better than just let them sit in your cabinet only to be seen several times a year on special occasions. Moreover, it helps you to save some space in your kitchen cabinet for other things. Now, you have extra space to use.

Seasonal Objects

If you are a very enthusiastic person in decorating your kitchen, then you can have seasonal objects as decoration. Christmas and Thanksgiving are two most common holidays that bring family members back so you may want to re-decorate your kitchen too. Christmas wrath, gifts, fake snowman are good Christmas decoration choices while everything with turkey on it makes good Thanksgiving decoration.


Kitchen Lighting Ideas

Kitchen Lighting Ideas

When everything else is too complicated, putting lighting is the easiest and simplest choice for above kitchen cabinet decoration. They are practical, functional and creating such a wonderful effect for your kitchen. It serves as a small accent for the whole decoration of the room. Lighting can also be a mood keeper. Dim light will create romantic mood for private dinner. Play with different light colors to create different mood effects for your kitchen.

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