Kitchen Aid

When you are talking about kitchen appliances, you are most likely will talk about Kitchen Aid. KitchenAid is a kitchen appliance brand which has been known for long as a reputable and reliable brand when it comes to kitchen appliances. In fact, it may have been you and your family’s favorite kitchen appliance brand for years. However, do you know the history of your favorite brand?

Kitchen Aid

Kitchen Aid

Established in 1919 by The Hobrat Corporation, the company definitely has proved itself to be a long standing company in kitchen appliances industry. The first production of KitchenAid when it first founded was stand mixers which was a new breakthrough back at that time.

The development of stand mixer was done by Herbert Johnson who worked as engineer for Hobart Corporation. He was inspired by baker mix dough and determined that he could make a better appliance to do the job. The first stand mixer model was named “H” and launched for industrial work in 1914. It was a huge success and became a standard equipment in every US Navy ships in 1917 initiated with the California and the Tennessee battleships.

In 1919, stand mixers for home use were produced. Previous to that, the prototypes were distributed to the wives of factory executives and got excellent reviews. First selling strategy was done door-to-door by female sales persons. The “H” model was then improved with smaller size and lighter weight in 1922. The new model was named “H-5” and had five manageable quart bowls. Later in time, the competition became very tight with more and more competitors emerging into stand mixer market.

In 1930s, to prevail from the competition, KitchenAid released new model of low cost stand mixers “K” which was designed by Egmont Arens. This design set an important mark in KithcenAid’s history since its stand mixers’ design did not change much until today. Its silhouette was pattened with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and has been selected as the icon of American design by the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

Kitchen Aid Red

The second kitchen appliances produced by KitchenAid were dishwashers. Introduced in 1949, it did not have an established promotional campaign until late 80s. It was William-Sonoma, a retailer of the product who contributed in KitchenAid’s doubled awareness brand in three years. William Sonoma was also the one who opened new KitchenAid stores all across USA and released a cobalt blue stand mixer which successfully introduced the product to wider range of customers.

In 1985, KitchenAid bought the Chambers Company which brought cookers into KitchenAid brand. Not long after that, KitchenAid was purchased by Whirlpool Corporation. KitchenAid produced new product line, refrigerators, in 1986. KitchenAid’s product lines kept expanding its product lines with blenders and other small kitchen appliances in mid ‘90s.

Promotion was then carried out by prominent figures in television industry such as Julia Child and Martha Stewart. More selling points and new colors were released to expand sales and also to support several causes such as breast cancer research.

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